ePMP 2000: 5GHz Beam Forming Antenna


Reduce Impacts of Uplink Interference: Beamforming algorithms maximize the Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) and Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) of the radio uplink

Maintain low latency and high throughput in high interference environments: By mitigating the effects of uplink interference, packet retransmissions are kept to a minimum which allows for high throughputs and avoids the extra latency of retransmissions.

Improvement in both Uplink and Downlink Throughputs: An increase in throughput and reduction in retransmissions on the uplink can also increase downlink throughputs for TCP traffic which relies on efficient transmission of acknowledgements for optimal performance.


Model: C050900D020A


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image_previewePMP 2000 5GHz Beamforming Antenna